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For any enquiries regarding Minibus and Outings please contact Sheridan Rocher

Sheridan is our Transport, Minibus and Outings/Events coordinator and you can contact her directly on 07456 051620 or email to: manager@ageconcernpetersfield.org.uk.

Our Wednesday and Friday transport into town service will not be able to operate until we come out of tier 2 restrictions, or until the gov't guidelines state that we can resume.

Please contact Sheridan if you would like to be contacted once Transport resumes.

If you would like to get into town to do your shopping, make errands or meet friends then give us a call. Our helpful minibus drivers can pick you up from your door and bring you home again for a small charge of £2. Many of our clients use this service every week.

Please contact our Minibus Coordinator if you would like to know more.