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Do you have a laptop, iPad, tablet or mobile phone and want to feel more confident using it?

We run IT coaching sessions for the over 50s and can help you with whatever you want to learn. Our experienced and patient tutors help build your confidence and get more out of your device, for example:

  • organise and navigate your desktop, files and apps
  • search for information online
  • shop online securely
  • send and receive emails
  • edit and manage photos
  • use WhatsApp, Zoom etc
  • and much more…..

We offer one to one coaching tailored to your needs, over a 6 week course, for just £36.

These sessions are for complete beginners to the more experienced and run on Thursday mornings in Petersfield throughout the year.

To book in with our experienced team contact Sheridan Rocher on 07852 172998.